Am 23.01.2019 um 13:33 schrieb Marcelo Duarte:

I'm using gretl2019a_git on windows 7 (64bit).
Yes, current snapshot here on Win7 as well.

I've also tried to save OLS and FE regressions in the same session and it rebuilds OLS' but not FE's.

I can reproduce the problem with the example abdata.gdt and a simple bivariate FE model.

Apart from waiting for a bugfix I can only advise a workaround: Restart gretl and use the command log that gretl records automatically and save that as a script. (In the Tools menu.) There you will see the data file you loaded ('open') and you will see your FE estimation command ('panel'). When you re-run that script you should get your results back.

Thanks for the report,