I am also almost a new user. I am not able to solve your problem.. but the latest version of the svar pack should be 0.992.

You can check on File>Function files>On local Machine. You may even have more than one. The version you want is 0.992.

On 30/03/2013 4:24 PM, "Gregory Chaudoin" <gchaudo@stuart.iit.edu> wrote:

I am a fairly new GRETL user in the classroom.  I am teaching an intro econometrics course where the students can use GRETL or Eviews.  Everything is going well, so far.  But I would like to use SVAR in a follow up course.  However, I am stuck in neutral.  I downloaded the SVAR package and was testing it out using the provided HANSL:

# turn extra output off
set echo off
set messages off
# open the data and do some preliminary transformations
open sw_ch14.gdt
genr infl = 400*ldiff(PUNEW)
rename LHUR unemp
list X = unemp infl
list Z = const
# load the SVAR package
include SVAR.gfn
# set up the SVAR
Mod = SVAR_setup("C", X, Z, 3)

This generates the following:

gretl version 1.9.9
Current session: 2013-03-30 02:18
# turn extra output off
? set echo off

Read datafile C:Files_ch14.gdt
periodicity: 4, maxobs: 164
observations range: 1959:1-1999:4

Listing 3 variables:
  0) const    1) LHUR     2) PUNEW  

Data types not conformable for operation
*** error in function SVAR_setup
> bundle ret = null

Error executing script: halting
> Mod = SVAR_setup("C", X, Z, 3)

I suspect that I installed the package wrong.  How can I get it to work without the "*** error in function SVAR_setup
> bundle ret = null"?


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