Dear all
yesterday i upgraded from 15.10 to 16.04.

I immediatly noticed a great lack of performance (is impossible charge large databases and perform scripts that last week where trivial). So i decided to remove the package and reinstall it.

I tried to do it with the Ubuntu Software Center, and it didnt worked (but only for Gretl, other softwares are well managed).

I mean, in the software center i see both Gretl icon and the "remove" button,  but if i push it there is no effect.

So i tried from the terminal.  I was very surprised when i read the answer after the sudo command: 
Gretl was NOT installed. But of course there is a copy working and i can use it for limited task. 
The directory where i see all the folders (even after the terminal command of deletion) is the classic Home\gretl\.

So at the moment i have a badly working Gretl located and no chance to delete and reinstall it.

Any suggestions?