2012/1/24 Allin Cottrell <cottrell@wfu.edu>
On Tue, 24 Jan 2012, Hebert Suárez Cahuana wrote:

I have a problem for a long time, it begin with 1.9.5 version I can't open
any file, neither to do any operation, Gretl crash and close,
my system is ubuntu 10.4 and I did install Gretl using tar.files.
I try next:

 - Delete  file  gretl2rc
 - Compiling using *./configure --disable-sse2*

but my problem continue, I send us message from my console

hebert@hebert-desktop:~$ gretl

Couldn't read /home/hebert/.gretl2rc

get_gretl_charset: using UTF-8

Descomprimiendo 146981 bytes de los datos...

Instrucción ilegal

This means that the gretl version that you're running is not compatible with your processor (which I suppose must be an older AMD model, from before 2004). There are two points to consider here:
It's true my processor is AMD(tm) maybe this is the problem, but I don't understand if version of GRETL older 1.9.5 running perfect in my PC, after version 1.9.5 don't running in my PC, Is there changes in these versions that they are not compatible with older AMD model processor?

1) Are you building from the current sources? That would be the gretl-1.9.7.tar.bz2 package on sourceforge.
I download tar.files from sourceforge then uncompress, go to console then ./configure make make check, su ... make install.

2) Are you really running the gretl you built yourself? You must ensure that you have completely deleted any gretl installation that was supplied by Ubuntu.
How to delete any gretl installation? I go to synaptic and delete all files with relation gretl. Is there other form of deleted any gretl installation? Which?

You can be sure you're running your own build if you open a terminal window, "cd" into the "gui2" directory in your gretl source tree and run the GUI program from there:

cd <your-gretl-source-dir>/gui2
I go to cd <my directory> /gui2 ./gretl_x11 then execute gretl but gretl crash again when I want any files and I get the same message  Instrucción ilegal in my console.

Allin Cottrell

Many thanks for your response and your time.


Hebert Suarez Cahuana
Departamento de Economía
Universidad Nacional de San Agustín