On Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 6:07 AM Summers, Peter <psummers@highpoint.edu> wrote:

Hi all,


The Windows executable stock_watson.exe seems to be slightly broken. During the installation process, the default target path is c:\Program Files\gretl\New Folder. I’ve managed to get things sorted out manually (oddly, the scripts seem to install properly), but it’d be nice not to have to explain the whole process to my students next week 😉. The second edition files (stock_watson_2.exe) work fine.

Thanks for the report, Peter. I'll take a look asap.

A related question: has anyone checked whether any new files need to be included to catch up with the 4th edition? If not, I might have a look at that this semester.

I haven't done so, and I don't think anyone else has. So that would be a useful step.