Thank you so much for the prompt answer, it worked perfectly!

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2013/12/4 Riccardo (Jack) Lucchetti <>
On Wed, 4 Dec 2013, Андрей Викторович | Andreï wrote:

Dear users and higher beings,

I have been using gretl for a year, starting from GUI and switching to
scripts now. I have two questions (pertains to x64 version 1.9.14 on Win 7
and x32 1.9.14 on Debian x32):

1. For model pre-testing, a quick look at distributions and outlier search
is useful. However, I find it tedious to invoke qqplot or any other
visualization for every variable every time. I tried to create a loop for
12 variables, like
loop foreach i price..prefarea
   qqplot $i
---but all I got is 12 .plt files in the working directory. Gretl executed
the loop in batch mode, but... can the loop be forced to execute the
commands in interactive mode? What is desired is twelve windows popping up,
just like a single ``qqplot var'' in the console does, just 12 times? Worse
still, a one-line ``qqplot var'' script run from a script editor creates a
file, too, but what is needed is an immediate visual plot.
The manual and reference contain very few mentionings of interactive mode,
so any help would be appreciated!

You're partially right: you can append the "--output=display" to qqplot and have it work in a loop. However, you're perfectly right in saying that this does not appear in the manual. It will soon, thanks.

2. The manual states that in boxplot diagrams, ``the `whiskers' extend to
the minimum and maximum values''. However, if so, there would be no
outliers! I checked the source code and found an implementation of
whiskers: uq and lq stand for quartiles, then the interquartile range is
defined as d: double d = limit * (plt->uq - plt->lq); double xlo = plt->lq
- d; double xhi = plt->uq + d. By default, the limit is 1.5. Is this a
misprint in the manual? Maybe it should be changed to the lines from the
gnuplot manual, which says, “by default the whiskers extend from each end
of the box for a range equal to 1.5 times the interquartile range?”

You're totally right: the manual description refers to an earlier incarnation of the command and the manual need to be updated: we'll see to it soon. Thanks (and special kudos for having looked at the source code).

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