Em 22 de setembro de 2015, Obasa escreveu:

I have already download the extras manually such as the ts_install and x13as_install but the problem still there, I mean the packages are not loaded

Dear Obasa,

Again, please send e-mails to Gretl's list (gretl-users@lists.wfu.edu) and not only to me. Here in Gretl community we love to help each other so we need to make most of things public and available to the others. This is very important to help other people, ok?

Now let's try to solve your problem ;-)

I thought you are talking about Gretl functions, I'm sorry. Now I know what you are talking about. Try this:

(1) Install the packages you want (Tramo, X13Arima-Seats, etc.). Check if you downloaded the right version for your Windows system (download it from here: http://gretl.sourceforge.net/win32/);

(2) Open Gretl and, in the main window go to Tools -> Preferences -> General...

(3) Inside the window "gretl: options" go to the tab named Programs

(4) Look for "Path to x12arima" and check if the address is correct (here in my PC I have: "C:\Program Files\x13as\x13as.exe"). If it is not correct click on "Browse..." buttom and localize the place where you installed x12 arima (take a look at the PNG file attached to this message)

(5) Repeat Step 4 with the "path to tramo" (here in my PC I have: "C:\Program Files (x86)\tramo\tramo.exe") (take a look at the PNG file attached to this message)

Henrique Andrade