Hi all,


I’m having a couple of issues with the gnuplot command in a script. If I write “gnuplot y x,” gretl writes the .plt file in my working directory (c:\program files\gretl), as described in the command reference. If I add a file name, say “gnuplot y x --output=ch2.pdf”, the file is written ok but to a different directory (one I was working in on Friday). Using “output=display” doesn’t produce anything. Actually it looks like a graph window may get created & then immediately closed – it’s hard to tell if it’s that or the script output window opening. In any event there’s no message in the script output (not that I’d expect one for a successfully created graph).


The specific script I’m running is Lee Adkins’s POEch2.inp. I’ve also replicated the directory switch in the console.






Dr. Peter Summers

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Texas Tech University