Am 28.09.2022 um 14:00 schrieb atecon:
Am 28.09.2022 13:38 schrieb Alison Loddick:

I think this is a simple question but I am new to Gretl and keep
trying things without success

I have data with variables and years as columns, and my rows are
companies, so my data variables look like

Company name,ROE_year 1, ROE_year 2, ROE_year 3, ROE_year 4, Var2_year
1, Var2_year 2, Var2_year 3, Var2_year 4, Var3_year 1, Var3_year 2,
Var3_year 3, Var3_year 4, Etc.

Hi Alison,

please have a look at the stack() function ("help stack") and also at "stack_data" package via:
You need to stack your series which refer to some specific year.

Section 4.5 of the gretl manual also deals with the 'stack' function. But in this case I don't think it's straightforward, Artur, it's not a case that is directly covered. At least that's how it seems to me.

My suggested way until someone comes up with a better idea would be to split the file by column blocks such that each resulting new file would only contain a single variable (ROE, Var2, Var3, etc.). Once the individual variables have been read into gretl, merging them should not be a problem.