Hello everyone,


I am constructing a set of xy plots in a loop, using a predefined list of variables for the plots. I’d like the names of the plots to include the variables names. Here is a MWE, including some comments on what I tried and did not work:



#Loop through list of vars and create xy plots

nulldata 100

setobs 1 1 --cross-section


x_1 = uniform()

x_2 = uniform()

y_1 = uniform()

y_2 = uniform()


list xs = x*

list ys = y*


loop for (i=1; i<=nelem(xs); i++)

    $i <- gnuplot xs[i] ys[i] #works

    #printf "%s", varname(xs[i]) #works not -- error msg not of help

    #string name = varname(xs[i]) #works not -- error msg indicates series ID needed

    #string name = "@xs[i]" #works not either -- error msg not of help

    string name = "name_$i" #works

    @name <- gnuplot xs[i] ys[i] #works




Any idea how I can make this work?


Kind Regards,