Am 26.06.2018 um 18:38 schrieb Leonardo Suarez Romero:

I'm trying to get the 'command log' for a 'VAR forecast'  to include it into a 'script.inp' file to be executable after a session with different .cvs files. 

After results appears I try to run  a Forecast on the Var window as the next  image shows
But the command log window does not displays any instruction of what is the terminal doing. ¿Does anyone knows where can I find that instruction ? rather how to run forecasts of VAR  results using only script files? 

Hi Leonardo, I think you found a bug, or at least an unimplemented feature. I think you're right to expect this command to be recorded in the log.

The relevant command would be as follows (see the command reference):
fcast <startobs> <endobs> hp_Adjclose

where <startobs> would be something like 2018-02-02.