Hello to all and a (maybe late) Happy New Year.

I have a problem saving the contents of matrix into a file .


I used the tiny script:


outfile "matrix_test.txt" --write

printf "%#24.10g", test

outfile --close


While the matrix in Gretl is  497 x 1317 the printed matrix contains the first 133 rows only.

I have alternatively tried a right click on the matrix and use the “save as csv” option (with decimal separator set to “,”). Pasting this into Excel, gives me 406 rows.

A right click on the matrix properties shows 497 rows and 1317 columns and when I open the matrix, Gretl also shows that all rows a filled with data (or nan).


In the most probable case, I have just made an error but and I would be glad, if someone has a hint.


Thanks in advance and kind regards