Thanks. I have not gotten used to the existence of the hansel primer.  

The statement in the user guide is not conclusive given that bundles are not listed and yet can be passed as pointers. 

One more silly question, why are lists and strings excluded? (This is not important. Just curious.) 


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Hansl primer, p. 35:

Each of the type-specifiers, with the exception of list and string, may be modified by prepending
an asterisk to the associated parameter name, as in
function scalar myfunc (matrix *y)

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Are pointers to strings allowed? (I am using 1.9.15cvs on Win7 64 bit) The following script:


function test(string *t)

    t="Hello World"

end function

string MyTestString


print MyTestString


yields the following error


gretl version 1.9.15cvs

Current session: 2014-04-29 19:46


? function test(string *t)

> function test(string *t)

Unrecognized data type 'string *'


Error executing script: halting

> function test(string *t)

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