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I think the syntax highlighting printing is gone (at least here at my Windows based PC). I'm using the latest Gretl snapshot (2011-10-31).

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2011/9/5 Allin Cottrell <>
On Mon, 5 Sep 2011, Henrique Andrade wrote:

> Please take a look into the pdf files attached. As one can see, there's
> something wrong with the "colorido.pdf" file (lines between 73 and 197
> weren't printed out in Windows Vista).

Thanks. I guess that "somebody" inside the GTK/gtksourceview
printing stack thinks that the page is much taller than it
really is, and a good deal of the script is being lost off the
end of the first page, before the software finally decides it
should start a new one. (Note that there's not a proper margin
at the foot of the first page.)

I think I mentioned previously that there seems to be a mix-up
of units problem in this context. Apparently you have
discovered a new (to me) variant of this problem!


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