I am having trouble getting gnuplot to work. I am trying to produce eps graphics files, but I (i) cannot get the line colors right (the second line is neon green. I need line one to be black, line two to be  red and line three to be blue) and (ii) the graphic file has no buckhound, i.e. the background is transparent (this is not a huge deal). Here is the code I am using
gnuplot R1_@cc R2_@cc \
      --time-series \
      --single-yaxis \
      --with-lines \
      { set terminal postscript eps enhanced "Helvetica, 10" dashed color size 2.5,1.75;\
        set key left top;\
        set linestyle 1 lt 1 lc 7;\
        set linestyle 2 lc 1 lt 2;\
        set linestyle 3 lc 3 lt 5;  }\
I am using gretl 1.9.9, Gnuplot 4.2 on a Win 7 64 bit OS
Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?