Hi Allin, 
Sorry for the quick and lack of detail question, you know how annoying it is to lose several hours of work....
The crashes appear persistently when I try to save the scripts. For example, the last one, it happened after I wrote just three lines of code. I tried to save it and immediately Gretl crashed. 

I was working at the same time with R, if it could help but really, I'm not doing nothing complicated and It's happening again and again.. 

El jue., 30 jul. 2020 a las 0:37, Allin Cottrell (<cottrell@wfu.edu>) escribió:
On Wed, 29 Jul 2020, Cristián Arturo Ducoing Ruiz wrote:

> I'm using the current snapshot in Windows 10 and I have been experimenting
> with frequent crashes, especially when I have more than 3-4 gretl windows
> open.  The last one was using the *structural break *package.
> Any clues?

Thanks for the report, Cristián, but you'll have to be more specific
about what you did that led to a crash -- a specific "recipe" for a
crash, if you will -- for us to figure out what's wrong.

If we can reproduce a crash then generally we can fix it quickly. If
we don't know how it came about and cannot reproduce it, we remain
in the dark.

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Cristián Arturo Ducoing Ruiz