I'm new to Gretl (and econometrics!) and would need help to confirm that I read the results of an augmented Dickey Fuller test correctly:
I have a series T=27
hypothesis of unit root : a=1
model : (1-L) y = b0 + b1*t + (a-1) * y(-1) + ... + e
Coeff. autocorrelation of 1st order for e : 0.044
Estimated value of (a-1) : -0.19
Test statistic : tau_ct (1) = - 1.46
p. asymptotic critic : 0.552
=> I should look at the test statistic which shows -1,46, which is negative, which means that my series can be considered as reasonably stationary and I can make an OLS regression: is this correct?
Thanks a lot for the help!

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