Dear List

I am new to gretl and tried to compile the latest version under ubuntu 11.04.

After installing dependency libgretl1 from, I downloaded the latest sources, and run the usual ./configure 2) make ) sudo checkinstall. Important to say at this stage is that gretl is installed in /usr/local/share/gretl (I guess contrary to the package from the repo that wouldbe installed in usr/share).

A first (minor) issue when running gretl is that some functions for example in the time series models (cointegration) are not available. This seems to have occured already and was easily dealt by changing the gretl directroy, as recommended in:

The biggest issue I have is that when I try to use some functions in gretl, it complains that it cannot find these functions. Trying to insall for example the gig extension, it is unable to install it as it does not find the /usr/lib/gretl-gtk2/

indeed, there is not even a /usr/lib/gretl-gtk2/ folder. Even creating that folder won't help, as it assumes the different files .so are available here. I thought first it was a confusion of gretl concerning the different folder, since now it is installed in /usr/local, but it seems there are no such files as, nor anywhere on my disk system folders...

Could someone explain me when these *.so are supposed to be downloaded/installed (under which package?). Did I miss something during the compilation stage? Is there a way to install them "ex-post" from gretl console?

Thanks a lot!!