Of course it’s not that difficult :-) This issue would address only the laziest people (such as myself :-)). It would not bring any significant improvement.
Allin Cottrell <cottrell@wfu.edu> wrote:
On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Mihai Nica wrote:

> I would have a small question/request. Would it be much too
> difficult to somehow emulate the way eviews GUI allows one to
> transform data (make calculations) within the models
> themselves? [i.e. y c log(z/p) g/a b (c+b)�]. Frankly, the
> only reason I use R primarily (which is way beyond my needs
> aside the graphic capabilities) is that in gretl I have to
> transform data first and then run the analysis, and so on� Am
> I making any sense :-)?

You're making sense, if you mean to request that transformations
of variables could be written into a model specification.
However, I would dispute that this is a "GUI" feature: it
requires typing the model specification. The gretl GUI model
dialog doesn't require (or allow) any typing of the model spec.

Perhaps you might find the gretl console suits your needs
better? (Or a script for that matter.) You can't at present
put transformations into a model spec (other than lags or
list-creating commands), but it's not much more bother to type

genr z = log(x/p)
ols y 0 z

then to type

ols y 0 log(x/p)

is it? Also, in current gretl Alt-x brings up a command
minibuffer, though this needs a little more work to make it
fully functional.

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