Thank you for the advice on dealing with the undefined symbol in Ubuntu and the pointer to the discussion of Atlas, etc.  I will experiment with alternative versions to the libraries to see what works best.

On the first point, I have identified that the following types of file can't be located with the default installation: (a) help files (this warning comes up when the program loads), (b) gretl logo in Help/About dialogue, (c) sample data files (File/Open data/Sample file) and database (File/Databases/Gretl native), and (d) sample script files (File/Script files/Practice file).  I think that there are others, but the key seems to be the location of ./data, ./db, ./demo (probably), ./doc, ./scripts.  I haven't experimented with plugins but those may go in the wrong place too.

You may be correct about the default setup for paths under Ubuntu & OpenSUSE - again I will experiment with alternative setups.

Sven's option works - provided that you have a Tex processor installed, which I didn't initially - but only with respect to help files because it forces a rebuild of the documentation.  The data & script files are still put in /usr/share

Gordon Hughes

On Mon, 23 Jun 2008, Gordon Hughes wrote:

> A follow-up to my previous e-mail, based on further 
> experimentation on compiling gretl 1.7.5 under both OpenSUSE
> Ubuntu 8.04.  It seems that the only way to get a fully 
> functioning version of gretl using the current configuration 
> script is to include the option "--prefix=/usr" in the
> command.  Without that, some files get put in places where
> can't find them.

Which files get lost in this way?  

> There is an additional problem under Ubuntu 8.04...

> /usr/lib/atlas/ undefined symbol: 
> _gfortran_pow_r8_i4

Jack has responded to this one.  I'll just add that it seems to
to be a slight glitch in the Ubuntu packaging system.  The package 
containing should really have a dependency on 
the gfortran package, but it doesn't.  

You won't hit this issue if you use the "vanilla" lapack
but if you're using the "gf" atlas lapack, uninstall g77 and 
install gfortran.

You might also take a look at:

Allin Cottrell