Am 24.07.2018 um 18:22 schrieb Allin Cottrell:
The "outfile" command has undergone a slight makeover (but with backward compatibility preserved). This is in git and snapshots.

* Creation of a new file (or overwriting an existing one) is now the default action. The --write option is still accepted but it's implicit unless --append is given.

* The recommended way of terminating redirection of output is now
"end outfile" (but "outfile --close" is still accepted).

* The script editor now treats "outfile" as a block command, and indents the enclosed lines appropriately.

Whoa, hold on -- this sounds great, but what happened to the earlier argument "Allin had already explained to me that 'end outfile' would be problematic if you wanted to have other 'xxx ... end xxx' constructs like 'mle ... end mle' inside it." ??