Hi all,
as may you remeber I use "yahoo_get" function very extensively and everything was OK until today. 

Today yahoo_get seems "not working". 

And I have no clue about what was wrong.
No changes in the script, apparently no changes in the function nor in Gretl. 

I think there is a trouble in the yahoo database. But is just hypotesis.

So could somebody kindly try if he have the same trouble in data downloading?

Here my code (a fragment) which worked fine until yesterday.


# Apro un set di 50 giornate con
nulldata 50

# 5 rilevazioni settimanali che iniziano il 1 ott 2016 e indico che รจ una serie temporale
setobs 5 2017-04-03 --time-series

# chiama la funzione yahoo_get
include yahoo_get.gfn

# scarico i titoli 
loop foreach i A2A.MI ACE.MI 
    loop for (r=1; r<15000; r+=1)
        print r


today's answer

? yahoo_full("A2A.MI")
Errore nei dati

thx for any help