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On the gretl web page I'm only seeing various relatively outdated version of the PWT (probably they should be updated...), apart from the fact that they don't seem to be in a formal panel structure. So how did you get or make your gretl datafile?
You can d/l PWT 10.01 in dta format from and open it in gretl.

OK, but maybe then we should make the converted (gdt/gdtb) dataset available more directly in gretl.

- On there is a subsection "Penn World Table" which talks about the incarnation 56 (5.6), quite outdated. (Actually, I wonder if the section "Big datafiles" is needed 20 years later, in the sense that the meaning of "big" has shifted in the meantime.)

- Then there's the page "online gretl databases" ( which has pwt61, pstna and pwtna62. The latest given date there is the year 2008, almost as outdated. I guess this is the same thing that you see from within gretl via File / Databases / on database server. Basically the only databases that seem to have been updated recently are the ones from the FED (fedbog and festl, in 2022).

Any downside to including the lastest PWT in there?

Why actually are the ECB's AWM datasets located in the sample datasets collection instead of the databases? They're not textbook-style illustration data. Or am I misunderstanding the rules that determine where a dataset/database is to be found in gretl? Even after all these years I find it quite confusing, actually.