Em 26 de outubro de 2012, Allin Cottrell escreveu:

On Fri, 26 Oct 2012, Henrique Andrade wrote:

> I found another little strange behavior using PCA
> Function. Please take a look at the following Hansl
> code:
> <hansl>
> open australia.gdt
> loop i=1..30 --quiet
>    pca PAU PUS E --save[1]
> endloop
> </hansl>
> After 27 repetitions, the loop starts to save all the
> new series with the same name "PC1z".

Well, yes, gretl will only go so far in trying to give unique names
to the components. For more control over the process, use the
function form, princomp().

Dear Allin, is this the expected behavior? In the example
above Gretl is saving different series with the same name.

But as far as I know, it could not be possible to have two
series with the same name. Am I correct?

Best regards,
Henrique Andrade