Hi everyone

This is my first post in this list, and i'm very grateful for those working on this wonderful project so far, gretl is very great. I (already started) would like to promote the use of this software in my school in Senegal.

But I'm also a R user and one thing Gretl lack  is a complete emacs mode like the ESS R-mode, with the gretlcli console as  inferior-process, i'm aware of the gretl-mode (which is great) but as far as I know it's not interactive, for example you can't send line or block of code to an inferior process...such mode can be great to learn hansl.

My elisp skill is not good enough to write a comint-mode, i started one based on Octave-mode el file but it doesn't work.

I want to know if it's possible to create such mode using the gretcli or if there are other possibilities ?

Any advice, hint, help  or documentation on how to create such mode will be greatly appreciated

I use ubuntu 11.10, gretl 1.96 and emacs 23.3