Hansl primer, p. 35:

Each of the type-specifiers, with the exception of list and string, may be modified by prepending
an asterisk to the associated parameter name, as in
function scalar myfunc (matrix *y)

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Дата: 30 квітня 2014, 03:52:00



Are pointers to strings allowed? (I am using 1.9.15cvs on Win7 64 bit) The following script:


function test(string *t)

    t="Hello World"

end function

string MyTestString


print MyTestString


yields the following error


gretl version 1.9.15cvs

Current session: 2014-04-29 19:46


? function test(string *t)

> function test(string *t)

Unrecognized data type 'string *'


Error executing script: halting

> function test(string *t)

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