Allin Cottrell a écrit :
On Fri, 1 Jun 2007, Hélio Guilherme wrote:

But we really need some more 
gretlers who are in a position to make the gretl wish list
_shrink_! (That is, by implementing some of the items on the

If you know of any graduate students with programming expertise
who might be interested in contributing to gretl, please try to
encourage them to do so!
I have no grasp on C programming but I used to program in Visual Basic a (rudimenatry) econometric software that I went proud of.  I gave up when I knew about Gretl! Anyway, could you or anyone else recommand me any good book on C/C++ programming (in english, french or italian) or any other web resources, it should be a pleasure to invest my spare time (and much more than that) to be of any help in contributing to Gretl! It really deserves it!
Thanks once again, for having offered us a useful and great softawre!


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