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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 12:16:28 +0200
From: Sven Schreiber <svetosch@gmx.net>
Subject: [Gretl-users] Re: gretl crashed when reformatting the model
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Am 20.04.20 um 10:06 schrieb Fred Engst:
Hi Allen and others,
Item 1:
Today I found a repeatable crash.
Gretl crashed either
1) when I open a session file and tried to add more models to the model table and then tried to open the table, or
2) After clearing the model table, putting a few model in it, then tried to reformat the table after it was opened.

Attached is the crash report.

Is this with a very recent snapshot? Then it could be fallout from
another fix that Allin applied in that area because of another Mac problem.

Item 2:
I have encountered a strange behavior of gretl.
Once I create a gnupot, I can zoom to the area that I wanted to see.
However, once I save the graph as an icon, any further zooming attempt will result in an error:
"Failed to open file '/Users/fred/.gretl/gretltmp.png': No such file or directory”.
so I closed the graph, and then open it by clicking on the icon, once more I can zoom.
Is this to be expected?

Certainly not expected. Is it a new problem or have you just tried it
for the first time?



Hi Sven,
Sorry for not responding to your post earlier. The whole "Gretl-users Digest, Vol 159, Issue 10" was in my junk-mail box before I rescued it.

Back to your question, yes, I just tried it for the first time.

Today I had 3 instance of gretl opened, each with a different dataset.
In one of them, when I tried to save a graph to icon view, the error was:
"/Users/fred/.gretl/gpttmp.CoumQp: No such file or directory”.

On another instance of gretl, when I tried to save a graph, the error was:
"/Users/fred/.gretl/gpttmp.BvLVkQ: No such file or directory”.

On the 3rd instance of gretl, an attempt to save a graph resulted in:
"/Users/fred/.gretl/gpttmp.ndV74m: No such file or directory”.

So I opened a new instance of gretl, and it worked fine in saving a graph to icon view.
In this instance of gretl, my attempt to zoom after I had saved the graph to icon view failed with the same error message:
"Failed to open file '/Users/fred/.gretl/gretltmp.png': No such file or directory”.
This time, I closed the graph, and double clicked the graph icon, and then the zoom worked.

So I went back to one of the 3 instances where I wasn’t able to save a graph to icon view. This time,  instead of trying to save the graph I produced yesterday, I created a new graph, and it worked.
I tried in other instances of gretl also, and I was able to save all newly created graphs, but not the ones I created before.

Could it be that once my mac goes to sleep, something changed when it wakes up?


Hi Sven,
I spoken a bit too early.
After I send off the earlier email, I found that I'm not able to save graph to icon view once more, on the same instance of gretl that I was able to do earlier. This time again the same error message:
/Users/fred/.gretl/.gretl-53102/graph.3: No such file or directory

On a new gretl instance with new data, I was able to save graph to icon view.
So in some instance of gretl I can create a new graph and save it to icon view, but other instance I can’t.
How strange this is!
I have not been able to pinpoint when I can and when I can’t.

Could it be that I’m linking gnuplot to a downloaded gnuplot 5.2 rather than with the built-in gnuplot from the gretl snapshot that I downloaded?
As stated in earlier messages, I’m not able to run gnuplot within gretl by default settings.
Also, I forgot to say earlier that I’m using gretl 2020c-git, built data 2020-4-20, and am using a MacBook pro (15’-2018)  model running on MacOS 10.14.6.

Thanks for all the help,