Thank you Allin for the answer and all the great work on gretl.


2011/11/3 Allin Cottrell <>
On Thu, 3 Nov 2011, Sergio Pastorello wrote:

> it seems to me that the GUI to the quantreg command is broken in release
> 1.9.6. I tried to replicate the example on p. 252 of the User's Guide, but
> I got an "Invalid quantile specification" error message. However, the
> quantreg command still works perfectly when invoked from the console.
> Also, the GUI works fine in release 1.9.5.

Thanks for the report, Sergio. Indeed, something got broken
there (in fact, fallout from stricter detection of errors in
"genr" expressions in 1.9.6). This is now fixed in CVS and

Allin Cottrell
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