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On Sat, 26 Apr 2008, Hebert Suarez Cahuana wrote:

I try to import data from Excel but I receive the next message, No se pudo cargar la función enchufe (plugin) . also when I try import data from Stata format I receive the next message  Fallo al importar los datos. I use Ubuntu 8.04 linux. Could you help me? I am learning Gretl, It is a good program, but I can't import my data to Gretl.

Those functionalities come from .so files you should have on your computer somewhere where gretl can find them. Excel import, for example, is handled by a file called excel_import.so. Either you don't have those files, or gretl can't find them.

Possibly, all you have to do is adjust the "Main gretl directory" setting that you have under Tools>Preferences>General. Otherwise, some more info is needed: which version of gretl are you running? How did you install it, via a binary package or did you build from source?

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Many thanks for your reponse, I try install Gretl 1.7.4 from Tar files, but I'll find many errors, then I convert rpm files to *.deb files using alien command, but I think that installation isn't complete, but I don't find directory plugin in usr/share/gretl where find excel_import.so I'll try again install from tar files.


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