thank you so much Sven and Arthur. I use often the GUI/Menu, but I was looking something more mechanic. 


2018-04-01 21:00 GMT+02:00 Sven Schreiber <>:
Am 01.04.2018 um 17:07 schrieb Artur Tarassow:
I'm working with historical GDP data (PHL CHL ARG AUS are the variables) and I'm trying to generate a multiplot from Hansl

this is the script that I wrote:

? gnuplot PHL CHL ARG AUS --time-series --with-lines {set multiplot layout 2,2;}

but the output that I got is this:

This is not natively supported currently. However, you may write your own gnuplot-function for supporting multiplots though.

Alternatively, use the "graphpg" command.

As in this example, which works for me but requires manual intervention for choosing color or monochrome output:

open denmark
loop foreach i LRM LRY IBO IDE
 g$i <- gnuplot $i  --time-series --with-lines
 graphpg add
graphpg show

I encountered two issues when testing this: First, adding "graphpg fontscale 2" as described in the doc results in a gretl error message (parser error). I think this is a bug (possibly introduced already two or three years ago; doing instead "graphpg fontscale=2" got rid of the error, but had no effect).
More seriously, saving the graph page by copying from the doc the line 'graphpg --output="myfile.pdf"' results in an error "Command has insufficient arguments".

Finally, I think it should be noted that it is very easy to do from the GUI/menus. (View/ Multiple graphs)

good luck,
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