Hello Jack,

I'll try to increase my restrictions. Yes, I intended for such to happen. Why? Is there anything wrong?

I'm just curious. After some time, will the GUI of the SVAR change provided that you are able to finish the codes?

Anyway, I tried to replicate the Section 5 in the manual as to identify for restrictions in my software. The following is the output shown:

gretl version 1.9.12
Current session: 2014-07-04 16:35
? set echo off
SVAR 0.991, 2013-03-13 (Riccardo "Jack" Lucchetti)

Read datafile C:\Program Files (x86)\gretl\data\misc\sw_ch14.gdt
periodicity: 4, maxobs: 164
observations range: 1959:1 to 1999:4

Listing 3 variables:
  0) const    1) LHUR     2) PUNEW  

> scalar is_identified = SVAR_ident(
The symbol 'SVAR_ident' is undefined

Error executing script: halting
> scalar is_identified = SVAR_ident(&Mod)

Seeing "SVAR 0.991, 2013-03-13" above, I also tried to do this by using SVAR 0.997 but it didn't work as well. The same thing happened except that "SVAR 0.991, 2013-03-13 (Riccardo "Jack" Lucchetti)" was ommitted in the output.

Many thanks,