Actually, I really do need rownames to label the coefficients from the variables in the list, but my problem is rather that the bundle doesn't play well with lists so to make tables for my Stein-rules based on the variable names automatic (using the  bundle) required some trickery.  I'll visit the strsub(), which seems like a better solution than my clunker program.  

Thanks Allin...


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On Sat, 30 Mar 2013, Lee Adkins wrote:

> I'm stumped on this one. I want to be able to automate the creation of a
> results table that does not contain t-ratios or pvalues (or be able to
> suppress the t-ratio and pvalues in modprint).
> varname(xlist) produces a string with commas separating the names, but the
> rownames command wants spaces instead of commas. So far I haven't been able
> to get a proper string to use with rownames using loops.
> <>
> open broiler
> list xlist = const 2 3 4 5
> matrix X = { xlist }
> vn = varname(xlist)
> vn

I presume you mean colnames() in this context. As per the help
for colnames, you can just give the name of the list:

open broiler
list xlist = const 2 3 4 5
matrix X = { xlist }
colnames(X, xlist)

However, if you need to swap out commas for spaces, you can
use strsub(). Go to /Help/Function reference and look under
"Strings" for related functions.

Allin Cottrell

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