I have recently been working with "MINE" (http://www.exploredata.net/). MINE is a java program that will work with R. Now that Gretl works with R (and flawlessly I must say) I would like to use MINE with Gretl via R. So far I am able to run MINE as a command line function, but not in R. I am not able to make the necessary adjustment to the MINE.r code to get this to run. Hopefully someone with more experience with R can provide some advice in making the MINE.r code adjustments I need to make. This example is from the MINE.r example file that I tried to modify. I get "Error: could not find function "MINE". I think part of the problem is the change I made in line 2. When I run Gretl>tools>Start GNU R this puts me in c:\Gretl and I have MINE in c:\ . Do I have to put MINE in c:\Gretl or change something else?

Ron McEwan

#   will both run MINE on "gretldata"
#   and have it analyze each variable only
#   against the 0-th variable.
Spellman#   will both run MINE on "gretldata"
#   and have it analyze only the 0-th
#   variable against the 5-th variable.